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Asterisk Source/Con Sole


* argument c

* option_console

* ast_register_verbose(console_verboser);

* ast_cli_register(&quit);

* consolethread = pthread_self();

* rl_callback_handler_install(tmp, consolehandler);

* rl_completion_entry_function = (void *)(Function *)cli_generator;

* for(;;)
  • FD_ZERO(&rfds);
  • FD_SET(STDIN_FILENO, &rfds);
  • res = select(STDIN_FILENO + 1, &rfds, NULL, NULL, NULL);
  • if (res > 0)
    • rl_callback_read_char(); -> consolehandler
  • else
    • rl_forced_update_display();

* static void consolehandler(char *s)
  • asterisk.c
  • add_history(s);
  • ast_cli_command(STDOUT_FILENO, s);

* int ast_cli_command(int fd, char *s)
  • cli.c
  • dup = parse_args(s, &x, argv)
  • e = find_cli(argv, 0);
  • switch(e->handler(fd, x, argv))
      • ast_cli(fd, e->usage);

* static struct ast_cli_entry *find_cli(char *cmds[], int exact)

//! A command line entry */
struct ast_cli_entry {
        /*! Null terminated list of the words of the command */
        char *cmda[AST_MAX_CMD_LEN];
        /*! Handler for the command (fd for output, # of arguments, argument list).  Returns RESULT_SHOWUSAGE for improper arguments */
        int (*handler)(int fd, int argc, char *argv[]);
        /*! Summary of the command (< 60 characters) */
        char *summary;
        /*! Detailed usage information */
        char *usage;
        /*! Generate a list of possible completions for a given word */
        char *(*generator)(char *line, char *word, int pos, int state);
        /*! For linking */
        struct ast_cli_entry *next;
        /*! For keeping track of usage */
        int inuse;

* aborthalt

* quit

* astshutdownnow

* astshutdowngracefully

* astrestartnow

* astrestartconvenient * builtins
  • help handle_help
  • _command complete handle_commandcomplete
  • load handle_load
  • reload handle_reload
  • set verbose handle_set_verbose
  • show channel handle_showchan
  • show channels handle_chanlist
  • show modules handle_modlist
  • show version handle_version
  • soft hangup handle_softhangup
  • unload handle_unload
* helpers

GNU Readline library

* void rl_callback_handler_install (const char *prompt, rl_vcpfunc_t *lhandler)
  • Set up the terminal for readline I/O and display the initial expanded value of prompt. Save the value of lhandler to use as a function to call when a complete line of input has been entered. The function takes the text of the line as an argument.
* void rl_callback_read_char (void)
  • Whenever an application determines that keyboard input is available, it should call rl_callback_read_char(), which will read the next character from the current input source. If that character completes the line, rl_callback_read_char will invoke the lhandler function saved by rl_callback_handler_install to process the line. Before calling the lhandler function, the terminal settings are reset to the values they had before calling rl_callback_handler_install. If the lhandler function returns, the terminal settings are modified for Readline's use again. EOF is indicated by calling lhandler with a NULL line.
* int rl_complete (int ignore, int invoking_key)
  • Complete the word at or before point. You have supplied the function that does the initial simple matching selection algorithm (see rl_completion_matches()). The default is to do filename completion.
* rl_compentry_func_t * rl_completion_entry_function
  • This is a pointer to the generator function for rl_completion_matches(). If the value of rl_completion_entry_function is NULL then the default filename generator function, rl_filename_completion_function(), is used.
* rl_forced_update_display()
  • this redraws the readline prompt, nothing else works with the above commands

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